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Senior portraits – A passage into Manhood.

This is why I love my job, I had the chance to shoot Nick’s Senior Portraits and we had a blast.  I met Nick and his mother Sun a few years ago and have had an opportunity to watch him become a man.  When I met him three years ago he was a very shy kid who was trying to fit into his own skin, now I see this confident young man with a bright future ahead of him.

A professional Photographer is what I am and this is the exact reason why I do what I do.  The money, accolades do not compare to the feeling you get when you see a kid becoming a man right before your eyes.  I was so fortunate for the opportunity to capture this moment for Nick and his mother, who sat back and watch her son smile and laugh as he enjoyed the final chapter of his high school career.


I am so fortunate and honored to be part of this memorable moment and I look forward to seeing you walk across the stage at the graduation.  Congratulation young man and I wish you the best with your future endeavors.

2 Responses to “Senior portraits – A passage into Manhood.”

  1. Julie says:

    Great Session Wayne! I love the lighting in these shots.

    • nappsack says:

      Hey Julie, I had a great time shooting Nick and although the sun was very bright that day we were able to get some really good shots. I have been working on utilizing the sun to my advantage and not letting it dictate what time of year or day I can shoot, hell if the client can stand the heat I will shoot any day or time.

      Thanks Julie for your comment,

      Nappsack Photos, LLC

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