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Ralph Lauren’s Runway Event Goes 4D

In the midst of searching for new jobs and clients I stumbled upon a behind the scenes (BTS) video for a new Ralph Lauren advertisement.  The title grabbed my attention at first glance as it stated “Ralph Lauren’s Runway Event Goes 4D”, now I know 3D but 4D has always confused me.  How do you incorporate 4D and fashion, this I had to see!  Given my architectural background my interests was peaked.  I wanted to see how they were using architectural design aspect and computer generated modeling create an environment.  Many years ago I used a similar program to model my thesis and it was not on the level of what these gentlemen are doing but the concept is very much the same.  This is a very inspirational video for me because it displays the marriage of two creative fields that I hold dear to my heart.  The use of architecture, computer generated modeling and videography  have allowed designers to push the envelope in way that was only achievable in your wildest dream.  Thanks to the team at F Tape and Ralph Lauren it is now  a reality.


Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

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