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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A  young model in the making with Blaire

Like I said in my last post I got my Mojo back so this post and the images are about a month old and it is sad that I am just posting this because I love these images. This young lady is seven years old and has such a bright future in modeling it is “ridiculous” as her mom would say. The best thing about the shoot is that they were very nice family and a pleasure to work with.
It was a lot of fun joking around and get some great photos in the process, she even cracked on me. She said “he looks like a professional” wow, now this is coming from a seven year old. All I can say is WOW, but that is what I said when I saw the pictures, WOW they turned out really good. Take a look and be on the look out for this young lady in magazines, commericals and hopefully with Ford Robert Black Modeling agency.

Good luck B.R, I look forward to the next time we shoot :)

Stay tuned for more photography info, I am working on the best way to spend your money on photography equipment, behind the scene fashion photo shoot footage and review of a new professional photography studio in the East Valley. I have a lot on deck so stay tuned because I am back and you never know what I have in my nappsack.

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