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Looking for a deal

Is there really a reason to buy anything new?  I often wonder about that and ask myself the same question hundreds of times before I make a purchase.  If you look at examples of consumer goods and the depreciation that occurs when you open and use an item it makes you think.  For example I want a new camera, but the sticker price on a brand new Canon 5D Mark II is $2,399 and up now lightly used (AS-IS) ones range from $2,000- 2,300.  The savings on a lightly used camera could be $200.  To take it a step further refurbished 5D Mark II sell for $1,999 (while supplies last) with a 90 day warranty and this is buying it directly from Canon USA.  This option is very appealing because it is from the manufacture and a savings of nearly $400.  As a photographer every penny counts so when purchasing new gear I always look for a deal, re-furbish, used or new I have to get a deal.   I typically look at my local camera shops (support local shops when you can), reputable online companies (B&H Photo, Adorama, Ebay, Canon..etc), craigslist and KEH (there are a ton of other places to purchase camera gear but these are the ones that I use for my purchases) just to name a few.

Whatever your comfort is when making a huge investment like purchasing camera gear just make sure you done your research and never assume that the sticker price is the best price.

Keep checking my facebook page ( and blog for hot deals on camera gear and good luck shopping and hope you find the deals you are looking for.

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