We capture the moments that create memories

Holiday Photo shoots brings out the best in use all

Yesterday I had an opportunity to spend some time with an amazing family on our photo shoot in downtown Chandler on a beautiful brisk winter morning in Arizona.  This time of year makes for some great photos between holidays, weddings, seniors and just happy people wanting to get their photos taken.  I usually produce some of my best pieces of work this time of year because the Fall / Winter months create some amazing backdrops.  The change of seasons and optimal natural lighting conditions make for a photographers paradise.

My shoot originally started out as a baby photo shoot but once we got started the smiles started poking through and I couldn’t stop clicking my shutter button.  You know what they say, all it takes is one person to break the ice then others will join in.  Thanks to little Jru, the other grand kids saw how much family photos can be and they joined in.  We were able to capture solos, groups and tandem shoot everything that we need to make some lucky grandparent’s holidays a memorable one.  Photos serve more than one purpose, it is not just something that we hang over the mantel or put in the album but an opportunity to freeze time for us to reflect on forever.  These images will be shown at graduation, birthdays, holidays, weddings and to many generations to come.  That is why I feel so passionate about what I do and approach ever shoot with a high level of excitement, passion and love because I am attempting to capture a families special moments and creating memories that will be shared for days, weeks, months, years, decades and generations.

… it’s kind of important…it’s more than a snapshot or picture…it’s a memory and those can last forever.

I thank the Johnson’s, McClain’s and Mullen’s for this opportunity to spend a great morning with your beautiful family doing what I love… Capturing the moments that create memories.


Enjoy a few samples from our time together.

Nappsack Photos, LLC
“We capture the moments that create memories”



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