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Delton-Son aka “Middle Child”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Leap of Faith

I just put the finishing touches on my very special project for a very good friend of mines. Delton-Son has been pouring his heart and soul into the first music CD entitled “Middle Child”. I was honored when he reached out to me for the photography, composition, creative theme and graphics. It was just two years that I took the same leap of faith and began pursuing the art of photography as a possible career and Delton was my first paying customer. I experimented with new lighting techniques, lens and flashes but something about the sheer innocence and help from GOD I was able to create some timeless images. Without going on a tangent the moral of the story is fear is the biggest deterrent in life, mistakes are natural and time heals almost everything so as you have to take the first step to see results. As for Delton and his grass roots movement I am in debt to him for life because that $50 he paid me is now worth ten-times that. 

Thanks Delton “Ill -D” for supporting Nappsack Photos and the movement, I wish you the best on the album, I got $10 on it.


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Delton said…

This is an ILL blog! Valreezy……..Fear can be crippiling, but faith is 10 times more pwerful than fear! You are a star and hands down the freshest graphic designer/photo cat I know……You have a strong background as an architect and your natural gifts caused me to reach out to you for this project. I just have one request………When you make it to the top, please don’t forget about little old Delt……
One Love,

April 14, 2010 7:47 AM

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