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A special day for the parents and the kids

The day that my family and I had been waiting for finally came, Tayten’s birthday.  After weeks of preparation we narrowed it down to a party with friends at the park.  We would eat pizza, drink juice, play on the big toy, ride the train and eat cake.  The day was a blast twelve kids came ate, played and went home tired just like we planed it.  The day was a success not just because we tired the kids out and we had fun, but  because this moment was documented and is part of our families memories and lives.  Birthdays are always fun but especially when it is your kids, these moments are what parents cherish and hold on to when their kids go off to college.  That being said I made sure I captured every moment because my son is growing up right before my eyes and we need something to cherish right now.

Thanks to all of the families that came out to celebrate this special day for Tayten.

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