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Nappsack was featured in Arizona Weddings Blog

With the Wedding Season upon us I thought it was only fitting that I share a little wedding news.  I submitted one of my weddings to the Arizona Weddings Blog and look what happened I got a feature.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some of the top professionals in the wedding biz and the bride and groom were amazing.  I am so happy so I just wanted to share piece of my happiness with my family and friends…enjoy.

Thank you to all of the people who helped to pull this off it was truly an honor to work with some of the best in their respective fields.  I look forward to the opportunity to capture your masterpieces on that special day.

Church:  Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
ReceptionTempe Center for the Arts
Event Design & Coordination:  Amy Mancuso of Amy Mancuso Events
DJ:  Mark Kincaid
Florist:  The Flower Studio
Linens:  Southwick Linens
Menu CardsCelebrations in Paper
CakeHoneymoon Sweets
DressStephen Yearick–Amy-Mancuso-Events-1834.aspx


Wayne Jung

Nappsack Photos, LLC


“We capture the moments that create memories”




Holiday Photo shoots brings out the best in use all

Yesterday I had an opportunity to spend some time with an amazing family on our photo shoot in downtown Chandler on a beautiful brisk winter morning in Arizona.  This time of year makes for some great photos between holidays, weddings, seniors and just happy people wanting to get their photos taken.  I usually produce some of my best pieces of work this time of year because the Fall / Winter months create some amazing backdrops.  The change of seasons and optimal natural lighting conditions make for a photographers paradise.

My shoot originally started out as a baby photo shoot but once we got started the smiles started poking through and I couldn’t stop clicking my shutter button.  You know what they say, all it takes is one person to break the ice then others will join in.  Thanks to little Jru, the other grand kids saw how much family photos can be and they joined in.  We were able to capture solos, groups and tandem shoot everything that we need to make some lucky grandparent’s holidays a memorable one.  Photos serve more than one purpose, it is not just something that we hang over the mantel or put in the album but an opportunity to freeze time for us to reflect on forever.  These images will be shown at graduation, birthdays, holidays, weddings and to many generations to come.  That is why I feel so passionate about what I do and approach ever shoot with a high level of excitement, passion and love because I am attempting to capture a families special moments and creating memories that will be shared for days, weeks, months, years, decades and generations.

… it’s kind of important…it’s more than a snapshot or picture…it’s a memory and those can last forever.

I thank the Johnson’s, McClain’s and Mullen’s for this opportunity to spend a great morning with your beautiful family doing what I love… Capturing the moments that create memories.


Enjoy a few samples from our time together.

Nappsack Photos, LLC
“We capture the moments that create memories”



An evening with some of the Valleys best Realtors

Here are some images from the event I had an opportunity to be part of.  Take a look at some of the images and the award winners.  Special thanks to the AAREB, Onesimus, Hassan Kareem  of Hassan Kareem Photography and Anthony Patterson of Romen Cole Photography.





More photos can be viewed at



Senior Time!

It is that time of the year, the weather is cooling off and our kids are entering their last year before they leave the nest.  What better way to commemorate and cherish these moments by capturing all of the events of the Class of 2014 with a Senior Package with Nappsack Photos, LLC.

Senior Promo flyer
This kind of thing is what we specialize in and now we offer a package that will allow you to capture the memories from homecoming, tolo, winter formal, prom and graduation.  Don’t miss out on a single moment but you will if you don’t act fast.

full yr flyer 14

Sneak peak into my Nappsack

It has been a while since my last blog post, this has got to be one of my New Years Resolution…lol.  I wanted to take a second to give you a sneak peak into my Nappsack, it goes to show it is not how you start off but how you finish and right now we are firing on all cylinders.

It was a surprise visit from a good friend, amazing dancer, teacher and person Ms. Latoyia (  It has been over 3 years since the last time we got together to shoot but no matter the amount of time that passes we always create magic.

You see it…this is what LOVE looks like, the beautiful Sherri and Rod granted me the honor of being part of there engagement photo session at the beautiful Phoenician Resort (  This was not all my doing I was fortunate to have a very attractive and fun loving couple, great location and an amazing wedding planner Amy Mancuso Wedding & Events (  I want to give a special thanks to my amazing assistant Rhonda Enstler ( for all of your help with the lights.


After living in AZ for over 7 years this was my first trip to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) and it will not be my last.  The amazing expansive views are just breath taking and despite my efforts I do not feel like my photos could ever do the canyon justice.  But for the time being I hope you enjoy.


This is another location that has been on my radar and thanks to my crazy buddy Gary aka “G” we made the trek out to the AZ/MexiCali border all to get these amazing shots.  It is beautiful no wonder why when making Star Wars they picked this location.


This is just a sneak peak so stay tuned because 2013 is going to be very exciting, prosperous and adventurous…Nappsack Photos, LLC

Just when you thought Apple was done…a new iMac

Apple Introduces the New iMac

1 day ago ⋅ Tech ⋅ by Staff ⋅ 9728 Views

Apple today unveiled a completely new iMac with a stunning design, brilliant display with reduced reflection, and faster processors. With third generation Intel quad-core processors, powerful NVIDIA graphics, and an innovative new storage option called Fusion Drive, the new iMac is the most advanced desktop Apple has ever made. Redesigned from the inside out, the new iMac packs high-performance technology into an aluminum and glass enclosure with up to 40 percent less volume than its predecessor and an edge that measures just 5 mm thin. Built with an unprecedented level of fit and finish, the new iMac delivers an amazing desktop experience in a gorgeous design. The new iMac also features a completely re-engineered display that reduces reflection by 75 percent while maintaining brilliant color and contrast. In the new design, the cover glass is fully laminated to the LCD and an anti-reflective coating is applied using a high-precision plasma deposition process. Every iMac display is individually color calibrated using an advanced spectroradiometer. The 21.5-inch iMac will become available in November, while the 27-inch will see a release in December. Further pricing details are available here.

Upgraded Processors – The new iMac features third generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processors that can be upgraded to Core i7. The latest NVIDIA GeForce processors deliver up to 60 percent faster performance for advanced gaming and graphics intensive apps. Every new iMac now comes standard with 8GB of 1600 MHz memory and a 1TB hard drive, and customers can choose to configure their iMac with up to 32GB of memory and a new 3TB hard drive, or 768GB of flash storage for ultimate performance. With two Thunderbolt and four USB 3.0 ports, the new iMac delivers even greater expandability and support for high-performance peripherals.

Fusion Drive – Fusion Drive is an innovative new storage option that gives customers the performance of flash storage and the capacity of a hard drive. It combines 128GB of flash with a standard 1TB or 3TB hard drive to create a single storage volume that intelligently manages files to optimize read and write performance. Fusion Drive adapts to the way you use your iMac and automatically moves the files and apps you use most often to flash storage to enable faster performance and quicker access.

Energy Efficient – Both iMac and Mac mini meet stringent Energy Star 5.2 requirements and achieve an EPEAT Gold rating.*** iMac uses up to 50 percent less energy than the previous generation when idle, and features LED-backlit displays that are mercury-free and made with arsenic-free glass. Mac mini retains its status as the world’s most energy efficient desktop computer, using only 11W when idle. Both the iMac and Mac mini include PVC-free components and cables, contain no brominated flame retardants, and use highly recyclable materials and material-efficient packaging designs.

Setember Fashion Recap by Monchiere’ Commodore

September Fashion Recap

It’s September. Not only a wonderful month as it starts to cool off from the summer heat but also a pinnacle month for fashion as well.

As we embark upon fashion activities ranging from New York Spring 2013 Fashion week to celebrating fashion across the US, one theme rings through “Fashion is Key”.

Key to capturing your mood…. key to representing who you are…. key to creating your world….. and more importantly key to be what you need it to be.

Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion week (Set 6-13)… Check out some of my favorites Vera Wang


Special Thanks to Mochiere’ Commodore for blessing us with this amazing blog post, be on the look out for other features in the near future.

Allow me to introduce Monchiere’ Commodore – The fashion blogger

Monchiere’ Commodore currently is a national trainer for a major Biotech company.  She has been in the fashion industry, particularly as a model, for over 10 years.  Her modeling career has included modeling for various department stores such as Saks Fifth Ave and Dillard’s for an array of designers including Chanel, Escada, Tory Burch, Dianne von Furstenberg and St. John.   She has also made appearances on Wheel of Fortune and various other television programs as well. Monchiere has a passion for wardrobe maintenance and organization with her mantra being “take care of what you have and so you can have what you want”.  She is married with one child and resides in Seattle, WA.

Cool things to trick out your gear…

Cool Stuff –

Cool stuff Friday – Customization is fun!
I’d really like my 40mm Pancake to look like a real pancake. Maybe these folks will be able to hook us up soon. initially started a little while ago showing off some customized Nikon gear, they wanted to let us know they do Canon as well.

Photography is twice as much fun with!

Nice 70-200! – Click for larger

“The team works with selected specialist retailers where the product will be available worldwide from the end of July 2012. The customer can then order their selected design directly in the camera shop when they buy a new camera. It is also possible to add a design to existing photographic equipment.

The customer can choose the design they would like from the selection provided on the internet site. The Pimp-configurator allows a lot of different styles and colors. It is also possible to add an individual design (for example a company logo). The team will fulfill all possible camera design requests!”


Like I said it’s been a long time and now I’m back!

Like I said it’s been a long time and now I’m back and with a vengeance!  Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons and I was taught many of them in the last 12 months.  I took these lessons on the chin and although it almost knocked me flat on my back but I re-emerge victorious.  Once I got back on my feet I got straight back to doing what I love…WORKING!  I teamed up with a few of my old friends and we created magic.

This is the first installment from Nappsack Films, LLC and it was picked up by the UNDRGRND Nation blog.

The Fleeta Partee’s “LIFEMUZIK” Chronicles Vol. 1

Fleeta Partee released a short video that followed him around Pheonix, Arizona where he brought his LIFEMUZIK EP straight to the doorsteps of his fans. He also discusses the way he grinds in the music industry and how he believes interacting with the people makes the exchange of music a more personal and rewarding experience. Check it out!


It’s been a long time

Hello to all my friends and family, it has been a long time since I last communicated with my you all out here in the Social Media World.  I just wanted to let everyone know that “it’s been along time I shouldn’t have left you” but I’m back and have a lot of new exciting material to share with you all so stay tuned.


One of the most exclusive exotics on the market


Dutch car manufacturer Savage Rivale will be producing the first four-door convertible supercar. With a 670 HP V8 engine under the hood, the Rivale Roadyacht GTS will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, while top speed goes up to an impressive 205 mph. Savage Rivale’s Roadyacht GTS is one of the most exclusive vehicles in the world, only 20 units will be available in three colors.  THis can be yours for only $550.000, I wonder if they offer financing (lol).

Click on the link below to see Promo video:

Savage Rivale 2012 PROMO

Phoenix Fashion Week is underway in full swing

Last night Phoenix Fashion Week kicked off in a major way, with some very talented emerging designer and established designer. I can not wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the weekend so stay tuned for photos of all of your favorite designers, models and amazing designs.



Looking for a deal

Is there really a reason to buy anything new?  I often wonder about that and ask myself the same question hundreds of times before I make a purchase.  If you look at examples of consumer goods and the depreciation that occurs when you open and use an item it makes you think.  For example I want a new camera, but the sticker price on a brand new Canon 5D Mark II is $2,399 and up now lightly used (AS-IS) ones range from $2,000- 2,300.  The savings on a lightly used camera could be $200.  To take it a step further refurbished 5D Mark II sell for $1,999 (while supplies last) with a 90 day warranty and this is buying it directly from Canon USA.  This option is very appealing because it is from the manufacture and a savings of nearly $400.  As a photographer every penny counts so when purchasing new gear I always look for a deal, re-furbish, used or new I have to get a deal.   I typically look at my local camera shops (support local shops when you can), reputable online companies (B&H Photo, Adorama, Ebay, Canon..etc), craigslist and KEH (there are a ton of other places to purchase camera gear but these are the ones that I use for my purchases) just to name a few.

Whatever your comfort is when making a huge investment like purchasing camera gear just make sure you done your research and never assume that the sticker price is the best price.

Keep checking my facebook page ( and blog for hot deals on camera gear and good luck shopping and hope you find the deals you are looking for.

Growing up right before our eyes

It is not every day that I get a chance to see someone grow up right before my eyes, I had a chance to do a Senior Portrait Session for a very close friends daughter.  I know it is cliché but I do remember Gabbi when she was just yay tall and now she is a beautiful young lady, crazy how time flies.

We took full advantage of the beautiful Arboretum and great lighting to create a backdrop to enhance the wardrobe and creative intent. I wanted to utilize the soft natural light to create a sophisticated, tranquil and dreamy environment that could showcase Gabbi journey from a girl to an adult.

Take a look at the final product, enjoy.


Nappsack Photos, LLC

“We capture the moments that create memories”




Ring Around the Needle Pub Crawl 2011

I cannot believe how fast time flies but a year has pasted and it was time for the “Ring Around the Needle” again.  I was very appreciative last year to be a part of the event, so when I got the call to shoot the event this year I was honored.  I have only known “Mo” for a short time but there is something special about her and I can’t say “NO” to her.  This foundation has created a movement that is infectious, which is why I flew back to Seattle to shoot the event.   I had such a good time I even stepped out of my pro photographer role and had a drink (a sip of some very strong beer) but hell it was for a good cause.

All in all Mother Nature blessed us with great weather and everyone just had a blast and we did it for you Mo.  Just like last year after the hangover wears off we have the photographs to remind us of all the crazy and embarrassing things we did on the day we all made our way from bar to bar.

Enjoy because I had a blast capturing all of you crazy drunk people, letting it all hang out as you staggered from bar to bar screaming and giving high fives.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the bars that participated and let us take over their establishment, without the support an event like this could not thrive and continue to grow so thank you for your support.

See more photos from the 2011 Ring Around the Needle – Pub Crawl at :


Nappsack Photos, LLC

“We capture the moments that create memories”





Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw Ogwel

Last week I had the honor of photographing Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw Otieno and Rashawnda Nicole Ogwel’s wedding.  There is something about weddings that just touches my inner soft spot, I do not know if it is the love in the air, symbolism of the union or the effect that this day has over everyone in attendance.  Whatever it is I just enjoyed being part of this special day.   This day was great even though we started a little late; the love was in the air as soon as the Groom came down the aisle two stepping the church erupted in cheers and then we knew “it was on”!

Every wedding I do is truly an honor since my photos are documenting the beginning of their life together as one.  These pictures will serve a significant role in this couples life; reflection of the good times, bad times and as inspiration for the future.

Thank you Stanislaw and Rashawnda for letting me be part of this day, it was an honor and I wish you the best.


Wayne Jung

Nappsack Photos, LLC

“We capture the moments that create memories”

Graduation re-cap

It seems like it was just last year when I put on my cap and gown and reflected on the matriculation though our last year of school.  The journey is often filled with ups and downs but there is no greater feeling then knowing your last final exam is in the books and you are done.  It has been a great year and in honor of all of the graduates Nappsack Photos would like to say congratulations and share some of the memories from a few of the graduates.



Lots of food = check

Lots of fun = check

Lots of Laughs = check

Lots of lasting memories = Nappsack Photos

Senior portraits – A passage into Manhood.

This is why I love my job, I had the chance to shoot Nick’s Senior Portraits and we had a blast.  I met Nick and his mother Sun a few years ago and have had an opportunity to watch him become a man.  When I met him three years ago he was a very shy kid who was trying to fit into his own skin, now I see this confident young man with a bright future ahead of him.

A professional Photographer is what I am and this is the exact reason why I do what I do.  The money, accolades do not compare to the feeling you get when you see a kid becoming a man right before your eyes.  I was so fortunate for the opportunity to capture this moment for Nick and his mother, who sat back and watch her son smile and laugh as he enjoyed the final chapter of his high school career.


I am so fortunate and honored to be part of this memorable moment and I look forward to seeing you walk across the stage at the graduation.  Congratulation young man and I wish you the best with your future endeavors.

Ralph Lauren’s Runway Event Goes 4D

In the midst of searching for new jobs and clients I stumbled upon a behind the scenes (BTS) video for a new Ralph Lauren advertisement.  The title grabbed my attention at first glance as it stated “Ralph Lauren’s Runway Event Goes 4D”, now I know 3D but 4D has always confused me.  How do you incorporate 4D and fashion, this I had to see!  Given my architectural background my interests was peaked.  I wanted to see how they were using architectural design aspect and computer generated modeling create an environment.  Many years ago I used a similar program to model my thesis and it was not on the level of what these gentlemen are doing but the concept is very much the same.  This is a very inspirational video for me because it displays the marriage of two creative fields that I hold dear to my heart.  The use of architecture, computer generated modeling and videography  have allowed designers to push the envelope in way that was only achievable in your wildest dream.  Thanks to the team at F Tape and Ralph Lauren it is now  a reality.


Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

A time to remeber

We recently were very fortunate to have the opportunity to go back to Paradise and celebrate my son’s second birthday. Hawaii is very special to my family not just because it is beautiful but we celebrated our second anniversary there and my wife attended college at Chaminade University of Honolulu, so long story short we love Hawaii. Now we have the memories of Tayten on the beach of Makapu’u just enjoying life, or Tayten’s first meeting with cousin’s Emanual and Ezra (the Easterly’s). This is what life is about, enjoying these family moments and building a catalog of images that are filled with memories of love. Some may argue that kids at this age will not remember and maybe they won’t but we have the picture to prove it. To be honest I hope Tayten doesn’t remember, that will give us an excuse to do all over again.


Enjoy, because I know we did.


Nappsack Photos

Life is all about creating moments that create memories.


A special day for the parents and the kids

The day that my family and I had been waiting for finally came, Tayten’s birthday.  After weeks of preparation we narrowed it down to a party with friends at the park.  We would eat pizza, drink juice, play on the big toy, ride the train and eat cake.  The day was a blast twelve kids came ate, played and went home tired just like we planed it.  The day was a success not just because we tired the kids out and we had fun, but  because this moment was documented and is part of our families memories and lives.  Birthdays are always fun but especially when it is your kids, these moments are what parents cherish and hold on to when their kids go off to college.  That being said I made sure I captured every moment because my son is growing up right before my eyes and we need something to cherish right now.

Thanks to all of the families that came out to celebrate this special day for Tayten.

Portrait Session

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A  young model in the making with Blaire

Like I said in my last post I got my Mojo back so this post and the images are about a month old and it is sad that I am just posting this because I love these images. This young lady is seven years old and has such a bright future in modeling it is “ridiculous” as her mom would say. The best thing about the shoot is that they were very nice family and a pleasure to work with.
It was a lot of fun joking around and get some great photos in the process, she even cracked on me. She said “he looks like a professional” wow, now this is coming from a seven year old. All I can say is WOW, but that is what I said when I saw the pictures, WOW they turned out really good. Take a look and be on the look out for this young lady in magazines, commericals and hopefully with Ford Robert Black Modeling agency.

Good luck B.R, I look forward to the next time we shoot :)

Stay tuned for more photography info, I am working on the best way to spend your money on photography equipment, behind the scene fashion photo shoot footage and review of a new professional photography studio in the East Valley. I have a lot on deck so stay tuned because I am back and you never know what I have in my nappsack.

Be easy,


Posted by Nappsack Photos at 11:54 PM

Delton-Son aka “Middle Child”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Leap of Faith

I just put the finishing touches on my very special project for a very good friend of mines. Delton-Son has been pouring his heart and soul into the first music CD entitled “Middle Child”. I was honored when he reached out to me for the photography, composition, creative theme and graphics. It was just two years that I took the same leap of faith and began pursuing the art of photography as a possible career and Delton was my first paying customer. I experimented with new lighting techniques, lens and flashes but something about the sheer innocence and help from GOD I was able to create some timeless images. Without going on a tangent the moral of the story is fear is the biggest deterrent in life, mistakes are natural and time heals almost everything so as you have to take the first step to see results. As for Delton and his grass roots movement I am in debt to him for life because that $50 he paid me is now worth ten-times that. 

Thanks Delton “Ill -D” for supporting Nappsack Photos and the movement, I wish you the best on the album, I got $10 on it.


Posted by Nappsack Photos at 1:00 AM



Delton said…

This is an ILL blog! Valreezy……..Fear can be crippiling, but faith is 10 times more pwerful than fear! You are a star and hands down the freshest graphic designer/photo cat I know……You have a strong background as an architect and your natural gifts caused me to reach out to you for this project. I just have one request………When you make it to the top, please don’t forget about little old Delt……
One Love,

April 14, 2010 7:47 AM

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